Inner Richmond

The Richmond, anchored by its twin central commercial streets, Geary and Clement St.


Welcome to the Richmond

The Richmond, anchored by its twin central commercial streets, Geary and Clement St.
The Richmond is where you’ll find people at work — lowering a load of merchandise onto a street level elevator, or checking out customers at Green Apple Books.  It’s where you’ll hear Mandarin and Russian mingling with your own voice. This is the Inner Richmond, a smorgasbord  of colors and sounds, just enough removed from the center of the city to comfortably house you and your family for the long run.

What to Expect

Hidden gem restaurants and a frenzied city pace.

For many, the Inner Richmond is exactly what they want from city living; the hubbub of daily life leaves residents invigorated and wanting more. They expect to see all kinds of people every day on Clement Street, and can spend an entire year exploring all of the ethnic restaurants in their neighborhood.

The Lifestyle

Urban and pedestrian-friendly with proximity to major outdoor recreation spaces.
Here in the Inner Richmond, the residents take “act locally” seriously. They do their shopping on Clement Street, their drinking on Geary, and their hiking in The Presidio. This is a neighborhood full of nooks and crannies, the types best explored with a local. 

Unexpected Appeal

A different kind of modern San Francisco.
Those looking for a flashy, picture-postcard San Francisco won’t find that in this neighborhood. Yet ethnic food enthusiasts and urban hikers alike flock here, a neighborhood that maintains its ties to the old city while embracing the new.

The Market

A diverse housing market on the rise.
This is a neighborhood of mixed housing options; it’s much easier to find an apartment or condominium here for under $2 million. Overall, though, the area’s appreciation has outpaced the city’s since 2000.

You'll Fall in Love With

A richly cultured neighborhood that doesn’t appear in the tourist guidebooks.
You’ll love the feeling of permanence this neighborhood gives off in and will be inspired, like so many people before you, by its optimism and ambition, hidden away from the buzz of downtown.

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